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I cant flash...but....

2009-06-23 15:15:12 by Kagami-Hirosai

So yeah. I cant do flash, but thanks to the new newgrounds art portal, I can put up pictures of naked people, and pictures of people killing each other.




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2009-06-23 15:38:46

I don't get it.

Kagami-Hirosai responds:

Get what? <3


2009-06-25 13:27:34

Great, I've seen your first posted pic and it looks great. I'm looking for more of your stuff! Specially people killing each other. And well, naked people too. Maybe naked people killing eachother.

Kagami-Hirosai responds:

Hmm...nekkid killin's. Wow....That coud be...intresting!
To the sketchpad!



2009-06-27 19:32:33

I'mma start back to doing that

Kagami-Hirosai responds:


Aint it grand?